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New Online Dating Tips & Advice For 2020: Those Who Smile Are 20 Per Cent More Likely To Be Swiped Right

A radical new book about online dating reveals how the types of images people post can influence engagement levels. By Ben Arogundade. January 30, 2020.

SMILING WORKS: Research into online dating profile pictures reveals that images of people smiling receive the highest levels of engagement. Discover more advice and top tips in Ben Arogundade’s new book — a guide to online dating.

Are you online dating, thinking about joining, or have you already tried it? The biggest mistake single people make when creating their online dating profiles is to select the wrong pictures of themselves. Choices are often based on personal likes or those of friends, rather than what communicates most effectively to the target audience, according to research. In my new book on online dating apps I point out that the best performing profile photos are the ones in which the subject is smiling, with their face forward and their eyes to camera. Smiling always works. Humans are hardwired to respond positively to it. It says, ‘Hi, I am open, I am friendly, I am happy’. 

Unsurprisingly, in research, straight-to-camera images yield the highest engagement. “People who face forward in their profile photo are 20 PER CENT more likely to be swiped right,” says online dating app sociologist Dr. Jess Carbino. In her research, she analysed 12,000 photos from the profiles of US online daters, to determine what factors help someone find a match. 

Conversely, to not smile in your online dating profile suggests that you may be less than happy. This sends a negative signal to the viewer. No one wants to date someone who is miserable, and so this is a turn off. I have seen many startling examples on online dating apps, and some amusing ones too. Several times I have come across profiles in which daters have uploaded image after image of themselves looking distinctly glum, with a written accompaniment stating that, “I’m actually more smiley in real life.” So why not post those pictures then? We are all the editors-in-chief of our own dating profiles, and so these choices are not accidents, but hint at unresolved issues within us. If a person chooses a sad image of themselves, they probably are sad.

So, the best online dating advice or tip I can give is, start with your dating bio with an amazing portrait of you smiling and looking straight down the lens. And then don’t stop there. Why not smile in ALL of your photos to maximise the impact, to tell the world that you are happy and ready to meet your match.

Discover more hot tips like this in my new book about online dating, and learn how to date better. Good luck! 

Available now at Amazon, (£9.99/$12.99)

Internet date book, My Terrifying, Shocking, Humiliating, Amazing Adventures In Online Dating


My Terrifying, Shocking, Humiliating, Amazing Adventures In Online Dating, by Ben Arogundade


The Telegraph

“Extraordinary and revelatory.”


Author Ben Arogundade recounts his journey as an online dater, during which time he was stood up, verbally abused, propositioned for sex and asked to be a father to an unborn child. Along the way he offers singles the secrets and best practices they need to know to boost the quality of their matches, and presents the latest strategies, research-based guidelines and innovations to take their online profiles to new levels of excellence. Get it now at Amazon, £9.99/$12.99.

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