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Will President Donald Trump Get Re-elected In 2020? A New Book Ponders The End And Curates His Legacy In Pictures

He’s survived impeachment, and other scandals, but will President Trump succeed in being re-elected? If and when it all goes wrong, a new book is already primed to tell the whole story — in pictures. By Ben Arogundade. Nov. 10, 2019.

Is the end coming? If so, these vintage news covers from ‘TIME’ and ‘New York’ could be repurposed. Both are among 240 featured in the new book, ‘Fake Views? The Donald Trump Book Of Covers’, by author Ben Arogundade.

WILL PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP be re-elected in the US vote in November 2020? Pundits and political commentators are lining up to offer their opinions, while authors are preparing a host of books that will summarise Trump’s tumultuous tenure if he fails to win.


However, one Trump legacy book is already in circulation. 'Fake Views? The Donald Trump Book Of Covers', presents the illustrated story of President Donald J. Trump’s rise from real estate mogul to the White House, told through a unique collection of 240 of his front covers, from 1979 to the present. Witness Trump depicted as the anti-Christ, Adolf Hitler, The Joker, a Ku Klux Klansman, a terrorist, a psychopath, a narcissist and a sexual predator, to name but a few.


The two covers shown above, published in 2017, and which feature in the book, seem prophetic in their narratives about President Trump’s fate. The ‘TIME’ cover (May 22, 2017), echoes 27th US President William Howard Taft’s statement that the White House is “the loneliest place in the world.” The front page shows Trump walking away along its hallowed corridors, his head slightly bowed, a solitary silhouette illuminated by the overhead lights. Despite all the attention, the staff, advisors and family members surrounding him, at the end of it all, he is alone with the responsibility for the complex, thankless task that is being president. What does he think now that he realises that the role he’s talked about wanting since the 1980s has been more challenging, more frustrating and more terrifying than he’d ever imagined?


The cover of ‘New York’ magazine (June 26-July 9, 2017) was published just five months into the Trump Presidency. Writer Frank Rich examined how Donald Trump’s administration compared to that of disgraced former President Richard Nixon. The cover’s photo-illustration, by Bobby Doherty, fantasies about an early end to the billionaire’s tumultuous reign, placing the president in Nixon’s famous goodbye pose from the White House lawn following his dramatic resignation on August 9, 1974. Will Trump go the same way? Time only will tell. But one thing is for sure — the story of America’s 45 president, the most shocking of all time, will be studied, written about and scrutinised more than any other in the country’s history.

 'Fake Views? The Donald Trump Book Of Covers' is out now.

240 Covers - The Definitive Visual Record Of Trump’s Reign

Hardback £34.99/$44.99 or less           

Softcover £29.99/$39.99 or less

WINNER: GENERAL NON-FICTION: Indie Book Awards 2019.

FINALIST: BEST COVER DESIGN: Indie Book Awards 2019. 

President Donald Trump book of photographs and front covers

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